Tziu Giuliu

Tziu Giuliu, the Sardinian centenarian that rides bike

Tziu Giuliu (uncle Julius) is a 101 years old centenarian, that has spent most of his life riding his bike.

In Sardinia, the proportion of centenarians is three times that of Western countries. Other than genetics, it is believed that nutrition plays a key role in longevity.

Tziu Giuliu’s diet is based on the Sardinian cheeses, vegetables, fruit and home made wine. And despite the remarkable age, he wanders around the countryside with his beloved bike “Graziella”.

Città Ciclabile and FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta) participate with much pleasure to the celebrations of the centenary of Tziu Giuliu, nominated him a Honorary FIAB associate and presented him with a commemorative plaque.

We wish that the event is echoed by the national media because we feel that this gentle centenarian deserves it.

For further information, don’t miss the article on the Sardegna Live website.

Photo by Fabio Marras

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