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Event: AGM & Membership Renewal

The Associazione Culturale e Sociale Sarda di Sydney is pleased to announce the details of our next  upcoming event.

AGM & Membership Renewal

This AGM is to review and approve the financial statements and elect the new Committee.

Date: Sunday 15th April
Time: 11am
Where: Church of the Immaculate Conception and St Paul of the Cross (New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill)
RSVP: before 6th April

On this day we invite all members to renew their membership for 2018-2019. This is a significant and important day for all Sardinians and also non-Sardinians to renew their bonds with the association.

Membership is $20 for 1 year

At the conclusion of the meeting, a light lunch and refreshments will be provided. In order to cater appropriately for this day, could you contact a Committee member (list below) to RSVP by 6th April 2018

Assunta Tilocca Mieli 0418 435 834
Luca Antignano 0412 527 819

We hope to see you there!

Event: Christmas Family Picnic – 3rd December 2017

You are invited to celebrate Christmas with family, friends and your favourite association of Sardinians in the world! 🙂

Join us at the Sydney Western Parklands (Abbotsbury) on 3rd December 2017 and enjoy a traditional Sardinian picnic with barbecue meats, salads, drinks, games and entertainment.

An event not to be missed!

RSVP before 23rd December 2017

Event map
Event map


Event: All Souls Day Mass – 3rd November 2017

Dearest friends,

You are invited to share this special service where we come together to remember those no longer with us.

Date: Friday 3rd November 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Where: All Hallows Church – 2 Halley St, Five Dock NSW 2046

Tea and coffee with be served immediately after mass and we welcome you to bring a plate of sweets to share amongst friends.

We will be showing a photo slideshow during the mass of our loved ones lost over the years.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Event: Sardinian Luncheon – 29th October 2017

*** Update 18 October 2017 ***

Due to unforeseen circumstances, not depending on us, this event is cancelled.

Welcome to “Spuntino Sardo”  Sunday 29 October 2017 – 12:30, the newest event organised by our Association, at the authentic Italian and Sardinian restaurant “Rustico Cafe” in Five Dock.

Sardinian and Italian cold meats and produce
Grilled vegetables, Lasagna bites, Cheese, Olives
‘Carasau’ crunchy flatbread

Sardinian Gnocchi with slow cooked ragu sauce
‘Fregola’ pasta with Seafood

Barbecued pork belly
Roasted potatoes
Selection of salad and vegetables with sauce dips

‘Seadas’ (Sardinian deep fried sweet with honey)
Coffee and Mirto (Sardinian liqueur)

(*) vegetarian and gluten-free options

$75 for members / $80 for non members
$20 for kids under 12 years (pasta, fish & chips, schnitzel or pizza; icecream)
beverages not included. BYO available w/corkage

RSVP before Saturday 21st October 2017

Assunta – 0418 435 834
Luca – 0412 527 819
Marie – 0414 470 060
Tania – 0416 046 708
Teresa – 0411 283 159
Email –

Download the brochure with menu and info

Photo Gallery: Ferragosto Italiano – August 2017

Find below a gallery of the best shots we took at the Ferragosto Italiano, the most famous Italian festival in Sydney – this year celebrating its 20th anniversary!

More than 100,000 people on the street have enjoyed the performances, the atmosphere and the cuisine of Italy in all its forms.

Our association was present with a stall hosted at the Sardinian restaurant “Rustico Sardo“. We have promoted the beauties, culture and heritage of our island. Huge success of our mannequin, “Bainzu”, dressed in traditional Sardinian costume – the real star of the event. Dozens of people have lined up to take a photo with him!

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery: Shardana Conference – August 2017

Sunday 6th August the long awaited conference “Shardana and Sardinia” took place at the Club Five Dock RSL in Five Dock (Sydney). Guests Sardinian archaeologist Fabio Serchisu and FILEF honorary president Carlo Lai – who came to Australia specifically to hold a series of conferences across Brisbane and Sydney.

In the presence of a multicultural audience of about 100 people, the archaeologist spoke about the ancient population of Sardinia, starting from the prehistoric age to the so-called “nuragic” era.

During the conference, the Italian book “Shardana e Sardegna” written by Italian archaeologist Professor Giovanni Ugas was presented, compiling the findings of 40 years of research into the ancient people living by the Mediterranean sea, who are likely well connected with the nuragic population.

At the end of the event, a copy of the book was donated to our Association by our Sardinian guests.

A buffet was then offered to all the attendees and our guests, also including Sardinian sweets, home made by the restless and kind ladies of our Association.

Find below photo-gallery and the abstract of the conference in PDF format: Shardana Conference – Abstract (English)

Event: Sardinia & Shardana Conference (6 August 2017)

The time has come for a new not-to-be-missed cultural event!

The “Sardinia and Shardana” conference will make you discover the ancient Sardinian population and its connection with the mysterious sea people, the “Shardana”!

Archaeologist Fabio Serchisu and FILEF President Carlo Lai will fly from Sardinia to Sydney to be our guests in this super special event.

Save the date: Sunday 6th August at the Five Dock RSL – Five Dock (NSW).

The event is free.

Light refreshments will be served after the conference so please RSVP before 29th July by sending us an email or contacting a Committee Member (see flyer below).

Sardinia & Shardana
Sardinia & Shardana

Photo gallery: Mothers Day Lunch – April 2017

We sincerely hope you enjoy the photos shot at the Mother’s Day celebration that took place on 30th April 2017 at the CSI Club in Schofields (NSW).

Our president Teresa Spada, and secretary Assunta Tilocca Mieli made a speech on Sardinia and our Association.

Beautiful food prepared by the Italian chef Paolo Gatto, served to over 150 attendees including the Sardinian Association of Sydney.

The dance group All About Swing performed the typical Sardinian dance “Su ballu tundu” and some rock’n’roll, also involving the attendees.

The dances are dedicated to the memory of our loved Salvatore Enna, former founding member of our Association, who passed away on 29th April 2017.

Meeting annuale delle associazioni sarde d’Australia

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Su iniziativa di Fausto Zanda – Presidente del Queensland Sardinian Culture Club (Ulisse Usai) di Brisbane e di Pietro Schirru Consultore – Coordinatore dei Circoli Sardi in Australia, è stata convocata una Riunione delle Associazioni degli emigrati Sardi in Australia. L’incontro si è svolto nella sede del sodalizio dei “Quattro mori” presso Aspley, sobborgo di Brisbane.

Oltre al Presidente Zanda, erano presenti dal Circolo di Brisbane – Giuseppe Mellino, Giuseppe Senes e Graziano Medda (membri del Direttivo); per l’Associazione Culturale e Sociale Sarda di Sydney Teresa Spada (Presidente), Assunta Tilocca (Segretaria) e Rinaldo Mieli (membro del Direttivo) e per la Sardinian Cutural Association di Melbourne Paolo Lostia (Presidente). Al Consultore Schirru è stato dato l’incarico di compilare e distribuire il Verbale della Riunione prima di spedirlo all’amministrazione Assessoriale della Regione Sardegna.

All’ordine del giorno, i punti che sono stati toccati nell’appuntamento hanno riguardato l’analisi e le discussioni relative al Decreto Assessoriale, proposto e presentato da Virginia Mura – Assessore alla Consulta Regionale Per l’Emigrazione, riguardanti la costituzione di un gruppo di lavoro per predisporre un testo di modifica all’attuale Legge Regionale n. 7/91, che riguarda da vicino il mondo dell’emigrazione sarda organizzata.

L’Ingegner Gian Nicola Saba – Responsabile del settore Integrazione Immigrazione e Emigrazione ha distribuito il Decreto a tutti i Circoli Sardi nel mondo, per ottenere qualsiasi osservazione e suggerimento su come rendere la legge più attuabile.

La discussione tra i membri dei circoli sardi in Australia è stata subito molto intensa e coadiuvata dal Consultore Schirru.

E’ stata estrapolata una sintesi in cui in sostanza si chiede alla Regione Sardegna di fare il possibile per dare continuità al lavoro delle associazioni mantenendo un sostanziale contributo economico in modo tale che possa garantire ai circoli di mantenersi in vita per poter continuare l’opera di promozione dell’isola in ogni angolo del mondo.

In particolare il desiderio di tutti i partecipanti è quello che i Circoli possano crescere nell’utilizzo delle moderne tecnologie in modo che anche le nuove generazioni siano coinvolte nei lavori di promozione.

Qualche punto in riferimento al Decreto proposto dalla Mura, rimane ancora da chiarire. In particolar modo sull’utilizzo dei dati personali di ogni socio dell’Associazione. La richiesta del “mondo australiano” poi è quella di avere una regolamentazione della burocrazia che non può essere comunque paragonabile a quella che si utilizza in Europa per le stesse realtà associative.

Va rivisto senza dubbio come dev’essere impostato il funzionamento di un circolo, sia sotto l’aspetto amministrativo sia per le sue attività. D’altronde, la legge ancora in vigore che regolamenta il tutto, è ferma al 1991. Quindi una legge che va ridisegnata ad hoc per l’attualità dei nostri tempi.

Un ringraziamento a Luca Antignano, membro del direttivo del circolo di Sydney, che non essendo potuto presenziare alla riunione, ha distribuito la documentazione necessaria a i presenti per comprendere gli sviluppi sulle tematiche affrontate.

Fra le altre argomentazioni affrontate, Paolo Lostia ha fatto conoscere l’intenzione del Circolo Sardo di Melbourne di pubblicare un volume di ricette tradizionali sarde “raccontate” da donne sarde emigrate, unitamente ad un breve riepilogo della loro storia.

L’idea è stata avallata con soddisfazione dai circoli d Sidney e Brisbane e in tal proposito è stato avanzato un progetto in attesa che la Regione Sardegna dia il suo benestare.

Infine come proposto da Fausto Zanda, i tre Circoli Sardi in Australia hanno votato all’unanimità di organizzare una Conferenza Nazionale dei Sardi in Australia, invitando una pertinente rappresentanza istituzionale della Regione Sardegna. L’ultima si era svolta a Brisbane nel ormai lontano 2004, e dato l’importante flusso migratorio giovanile in costante aumento, si ritiene necessario dover intervenire.

Un sincero ringraziamento al Presidente  Zanda, e il suo Circolo,  per l’ospitalità incluso il pranzo di lavoro.

Articolo di Paolo Lostia, pubblicato su Tottusinpari

Event: Mother’s Day Lunch 2017

The Sardinian Association of Sydney with CSI Club and All About Swing dance group invite you to….

Mother’s Day Lunch 2017

Date: Sunday 30th April 2017 – 12 noon
Location: CSI Club, 81 South Stret, Schofields NSW

Three course menu presented by celebrity chef Paolo Gatto of “SUD” restaurant

Floor show (including Sardinian dance!) by All About Swing Dance Group

Music to dance to by Joe Casale

Adults: $55
Children under 12 years: $25

To purchase tickets, please contact
– Rita Murer (CSI Club) on 0411 058 322
– Teresa Spada (Sardi Sydney) on 0411 283 159
– Assunta Tilocca (Sardi Sydney) on 0418 435 834
or email:

Tickets are limited – book your seat today!