The Committee

The Association was founded in 1983 following the numerous requests and inputs sent by a large number of Sardinians living in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

It was incorporated in February 1986 under the rules administered by the Department of Fair Trading in New South Wales.

In 1998 the Association was officially recognised as an official Regional Association in NSW under a special decree (No 731/FS of 9 September 1998) by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

Past April 2014 a new committee of 13 passionate and enthusiastic individuals come together as a team of Sardinians, proud to continue the work of the Sardinian Association started over 30 years before.

The current Committee Members as of April 2016 are:

PresidentTeresa Spada
Vice PresidentTania Zarodoukas
SecretaryAssunta Tilocca
Vice SecretaryLuca Antignano
Treasurer Piera Canto
Vice Treasurer Maria Luisa Scala
Public Officer Gavina Cossa Zappia

– Marie Enna Cocciolone
– Rinaldo Mieli
– Andrew Palmas
– Pietro Schirru

We have lots of exciting news and events to share with you and we hope you, your family and friends will personally join us to enjoy them!

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A D DanieliChartered Accountants

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Associazione Culturale e Sociale Sarda of Sydney