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Photo gallery: Sardinia, Heart of bread – August 2016

We sincerely hope you enjoy the photos shot at the Sardinia, Heart of bread conference that took place at the RSL Club in Five Dock on the 14th August 2016.

Nurnet and Archeologia della Sardegna brought statues back to Sardinia

The Participatory Nurnet Foundation (Nuraghi Network) and the Facebook group Archeologia della Sardegna brought back to Sardinia four ancient bronze manufacts, representing animals, by collecting money from people (individuals and small associations) and purchasing them on an auction they had come to know about by coincidence. Quote:

It absolutely was an action which was due to look after and protect our History and big Civilization.

The small bronze statues date back to IX-VI Century B.C. and represent a horse, two goats and a ram. They belonged to the Lebanese Faride Ziade’s  antiquities collection.

At the auction, held in London on the 30th June by ACR Auctions, nine pieces were beaten including five animals, two priests, a warrior and a prayer. Quote:

We’ve uselessly tried to stop the shameless auction, signing a petition to the Minister for Ancient Heritage and Culture. Lots of people joined us and signed in, but the petition was ignored.

We felt, therefore, it was a duty, to us, to get involved into the auction and make our bids, as much as we could, supported by the offers, people had given to keep dignity and value to our History.

The Nurnet Foundation and the Archaeology of Sardinia Group have intended to do a symbolic gesture as a protection of our cultural heritage by bringing back at least some of our own antiquities to Sardinia. Quote:

The purpose of Nurnet, Archaeology of Sardinia and all the Facebook fans who have supported our action is now to donate the bronze animals to the museum of a small town, in order to rise up and up, as much as we can, consciousness and strenght to artistic and cultural Tourism.

We trust this to be a help to overcome the old dichotomy between Sardina itself as an island full of History and the common vision of Sardinia as an island just gifted by amazing crystal sea and beaches.

Actually, this is just a part of a more general strategy in order to operate and protect our huge cultural heritage and, at he same time, to promote small business and/or new starts up which have been, over last years, neglected or left alone by Institutions.

This decline and total absence is quite evident in the fact that none of the “institutions” or their members were present at the Auction. Nor they did anything to stop the auction, leaving the moral duty to “act and rush” to Nurnet shareholders and to enthusiastic Citizens in the private Facebook group “Archeologia della Sardegna”, people truly sensitive to enhancement for the territorial heritage.

Still, but not little, this first attempt aims, in perspective, to rise up collective actions from the grassroots, spread and give real high value to enhance the cultural and economic significance Sardinian history is worth.

Discover or Support Nurnet projects.

Documentario: Sardegna – L’arte di un popolo 1952/58

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Il documentario allegato qui di seguito, diviso in tre parti, presenta l’arte popolare e la cultura materiale della Sardegna tramite riprese effettuate a cavallo degli anni ’50.

L’ultima parte del documentario contiene anche la documentazione storica di una delle prime Biennali dell’Istituto Sardo Organizzazione Lavoro Artigiano (I.S.O.L.A.).

Il tema di sottofondo è una rassegna di canzoni e musiche tradizionali dell’isola.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3